National Economists Club Luncheon with Eswar Prasad, Cornell Sr. Prof of Trade Policy:

"China’s Economy and the State of the U.S.-China Economic Relationship"

Wharton Club Members & Guests invited

  • China’s economy is now the second largest in the world and its currency, the renminbi, was recently elevated to the status of an elite official reserve currency. But China is facing
  • slower growth and rising debt levels, compounded by demographic pressures and a fragile financial system. Is China’s economy headed for a meltdown or can it continue to outgrow its
  • problems?
  • The lecture will cover China’s economic prospects, risks that threaten to undermine the economy, and what it will take to maintain high growth. Drawing on his recent book, Prasad will discuss the future of the renminbi, both in terms of its value and its role as an international currency. The lecture will also review prospects for the U.S.-China economic relationship and the rebalancing of power between the two countries. 
  • Eswar Prasad is the Tolani Senior Professor of Trade Policy at Cornell University. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, where he holds the New Century Chair in International Economics, and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research.  He was previously chief of the Financial Studies Division in the International Monetary Fund's Research Department and , before that, was the head of the IMF's China Division. 

    When: Thursday, January 17, 2019
   12-1:30 PM

    Location: Chinatown Garden Restaurant, 618 H St NW, Washington DC


Note:  Registration is open through Thursday, 1/17/19 at 11 am

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1:00PM - 2:30PM Thu 17 Jan 2019 ( Timezone: Eastern )


Chinatown Garden Restaurant
618 H Street, NW
Washington, District of Col 20001 United States

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