International Historical Conference: "Poland, First to Fight"


Purpose is to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. The conference will gather historians, journalists, filmmakers, senior officials, museum curators, and publishers. Wharton Club Members & Guests are welcome.

  • We would like to invite you to attend the International Historical Conference entitled “Poland First to Fight.” It will take place at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. from November 18th –20th, 2019. The purpose is to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. The conference will gather historians, journalists, filmmakers, senior officials, museum curators, and publishers. Chair of the Program Committee is Prof. Marek Kornat from the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
  • The war began on September 1, 1939 with the German attack on Poland, followed by the Soviet invasion from the east. The conference aims to expand the historical discourse about World War II to include aspects ignored during the cold war, particularly crimes committed in German-occupied Poland where most of the German Nazi war crimes were committed. These facts remained hidden when Poland was sold out to Stalin through the Yalta Agreement. For decades, its history remained unknown behind the iron curtain. (All images are from facade-of-ruined-old-vintage-red-brick-ghetto-house-at-kamienico--part-of-former-jewish-ghetto--warsaw-city--poland---hdr--high-dynamic-range--imageAdobe Photostock: #1, of memorial to Polish fighters; #2, Warsaw ghetto; #3, German troops; #4, Polish stamp commemorating 6 years of war)german-ssoldiers-unloading-from-a-transport-plane-during-world-war-2

We would be pleased to have you, colleagues, or friends to join us for this event. Simply go to and select "Standard Price." If you wish to participate in the joint dinner on November 18, 2019, please select "Standard Price Including Joint Dinner” on this web page.

  • On November 19, 2019, there will be a reception for conference participants at the residence of Poland’s ambassador to the United States. The entry is free.
  • Themes for each day:
    • Day 1: World War II from a Different Angle; Testimonies of Witnesses of History & Their Descendants; Dinner at Nearby Hotel
    • Day 2: From the Ribbentop-Molotv Pacts to World War II & the Occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany & Soviet Russia; Infowars; Poles & Jews During World War II; Reception at Residence of H.E. Piotr Wilczek, Amb. of Poland to the U.S.
    • Day 3: Poland, a Betrayed Ally;

Leading scholars from Poland, Germany, the USA, and the United Kingdom will make presentations about the events that took place in Germany-occupied Poland 80 years ago.

  • To give you a foretaste of what’s coming: Professor Norman Domeier from the University of Stuttgart will talk about the collaboration between the Associated Press and Nazi Germany, and Professor Sean McMeekin will present information regarding the betrayal of Poland to Stalin by the US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
  • Professor Bogdan MusiaƂ will explain the system of German repressions imposed on ethnic Poles for rescuing Jews.
  • No less prominent is the name of Professor Danusha Goska who is an expert on discrimination of Polish people in the American pop-culture. Under the motto "Bieganski the Brute Polak Stereotype” Goska will present anti-Polish stereotypes depicting Poles in an animalistic way: physically strong, stupid, and dirty.
  • Marcin Makowski, one of the most talented Polish journalists of the younger generation will discuss the topic of historical narrative in computer games.
  • Daniel Kawczynski, a British MP of Polish descent and a dozen other scholars, filmmakers, and book authors, will complete this rich round of speakers.

The full program is accessible under

Email: a.zysk@iPoland.orgorzel--polish-navy-during-world-war-ii-serie--circa-1970



11:30AM Mon 18 Nov 2019 - 11:00AM Wed 20 Nov 2019 ( Timezone: Eastern )


National Press Club
529 - 14th Street, NW, 13th Floor
Washington, DC 20045 US

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