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Wharton Club of DC Response to COVID-19

Get cutting-edge insights on strategy, innovation and transformation from the world’s top business minds. OUTTHINKER 2020 VIRTUAL SUMMIT  /  2 Days / 20+ Speakers / 100% of Profits to Charity

  • We face a moment of unprecedented uncertainty. 
    • It's crucial to rapidly learn the tools, concepts and frameworks that enable us to understand and shape the future.
    • COVID-19 represents an obstacle of yet-undiscernible depth or duration. Yet our organizations persevere in their commitments to their missions and visions … to a future that works.
  • On April 6th and 7th, the Outthinker Strategy Network will assemble some the world’s foremost business thinkers to share cutting edge ideas to help us navigate forward. 
    • From across disciplines – economics, leadership, marketing, strategy, culture, organization, technology, operations – you will hear from and personally interact with the creators of the cutting-edge ideas most critical to navigating through the turbulence.
    • 100% of profits from sales for this Summit will be donated to non-profit organizations helping the most at-risk communities and populations dealing with the virus, from children who no longer have access to hot lunches, hourly workers no longer with income, and the elderly most at risk medically.

Here's how it works.

Learn from the best.
Speakers include these thought leaders, a veritable All-Star lineup:

  • Paul Krugman – Princeton Prof. & Nobel Laureate: Leading Economies Through Crises and the Long-term Implications of COVID-19
  • Roger Martin – Former Dean of Rotman Business School, ranked by Thinkers50 as #1 management thinker in the world (2017) on creating great choices through integrative thinking
  • Scott Galloway – Best-selling author and NYU marketing professor on how tech titans will shape competition beyond tech
  • Rita McGrath – World’s #1 ranked strategy thought-leader by Thinkers50 on how to spot inflection points
  • Ming Zeng – Former Chief Strategy Officer of Alibaba on the networked, intelligent organization of the future
  • Amy Webb – Leading futurist, award-winning author, and professor on strategic foresight, the future of AI and its implications on humanity
  • Whitney Johnson – Thinkers50 member, best-selling author and podcaster on applying disruption theory to accelerate your career
  • Safi Bahcall – Physicist, biotech entrepreneur, public CEO, and author of FT Book of the Year, on how to nurture transformative ideas
  • Liz Wiseman – The most influential leadership thinker in the world (by Thinkers50) on how to lead through turbulent times
  • Mark Johnson – Co-founder of Innosight and authority on disruptive innovation on a new way of leading to inspire breakthrough growth
  • Rob Wolcott – Co-founder of the The World Innovation Network on mind-sets and cultures to shape the future
  • Pete Fader – Wharton professor and leading authority on customer lifetime value and evolving into a customer-centric organization
  • George Day – Wharton professor and leading innovation thinker on creating organizations that thrive on turbulence
  • Nicolas Bry – Founder of Orange Startup Studios and author of The Intrapreneurs Factory on how to activate internal innovation
  • Kaihan Krippendorff – Thinkers50 Innovation Award Finalist, and Author of Driving Innovation From Within presenting on enabling employees to drive innovation
  • Verne Harnish – Founder of Gazelles and author of Scaling Up on managing through turbulence to get to growth
  • Josh Linkner – NYT bestselling author, VC investor, and #1 most booked innovation keynote speaker on entrepreneurial thinking and leadership
What you’ll get out of joining.
A unique opportunity to interact with the world’s foremost business thinkers from the comfort of your couch.

You’ll leave the summit with an understanding of what the future may hold for you. You’ll begin to see the outlines of the “new normal” from economic, technological, social, and organizational perspectives, and what that means for your industry, your company, your team and yourself.

Guided by these business thinkers, you arm yourself with the latest tools to craft strategies, drive innovation and lead transformation to get you through the turmoil. You’ll be able to define and refine plans for shifting gears and creating the future.

Finally, you won’t just leave with a plan. You’ll also get insights on how to execute on your updated strategy. Plus you’ll learn the leadership techniques and emerging organizational models to activate your people and broader communities to make it happen.

Your summary:
  • 2 Days – On both April 6th & 7th, the summit runs from 8am to 9pm Eastern Daylight Time.
  • 20 Speakers – With 20 speakers on the agenda, you can pick and choose which sessions you’ll join.
  • Live + Q&A – All sessions are happening live and include Q&A for you to ask your questions.
  • Online – You can join from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. No travel needed!
  • Recordings – After the summit, you get recordings and transcripts to check what you’ve missed.
  • One-Year Access – Moreover, you keep access to the content for a full year.
  • 100% of profits donated to charities supporting populations at risk from COVID-19

Monday, April 6, 2020 and Tuesday, April 7, 2020

  • To View the Agenda: CLICK HERE

Virtual: Via Zoom

  • $99 per person/seat for Wharton Club of DC Members  (less than $5/hour for 20 of the world's top business minds....and that's if you view a session only once. And you have a FULL YEAR to view sessions!)
  • 5 seats: $399
  • 10 seats: $699 
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