Wharton Club of DC: Response to Covid-19 Disruption


Adjustment to the "New Abnormal," by temporarily suspending and deferring all in-person programs. Instead, we are switching to virtual programs to keep you connected and moving forward, where possible

  • This year, as you know, the world at large has seen unprecented peace-time disruption from the Coronavirus, Covid-19. While many actions are being taken, the impact continues throughout the U.S. and most other nations. To prioritize the safety and health of our alumni and member community, as well as the health and safety of our Strategic Partner Clubs (such as Harvard, Yale, the National Economists and National Press Clubs), plus venues (and their staffs and families), we have switched completely - and hopefully for no longer than necessary - to a virtual format.
  • Some events have been cancelled.
  • Others, where possible, are being reformatted as webinars until the Covid-19 situation subsides. This includes any speaker events, group meet-ups (such as Happy Hours with our partners, and volunteer meetings. Events that are best experienced in-person will be postponed. But because we want to be proactive and continue to serve you, we are exploring ways to make online experiences as interactive and beneficial to you and others as possible. If you have experience working with Zoom or another virtual platform, we would welcome your assistance. When done right, Zoom and other webinars can be extremely effective. 
    • Thus, we are planning a series of online programs to help you connect with others and continue to stimulate your innovative spirit and entrepreneurship.
    • We would welcome your thoughts as to topics and speakers you would like to have us consider. Please send your suggestions to info@whartondc.com
    • In these regards, our Team has decided to postpone the 2020 Wharton DC Innovation Summit. When the situation has stabilized, we will announce the date for it to be held either virtually online, or online and in-person.
    • But we already have a near-term virtual Summit, April 6 and 7, which is has a world-class lineup of thought leaders.
    • And we expect to be adding many more.
  • We pride ourselves for our leadership in business and society at large. This means "social" - or better stated perhaps - physical distancing. Otherwise, given the long period (up to about two weeks) where someone could be infected but not show symptoms, everyone is potentially at risk. Any one of us could, in view of this factor, think we are well when we are not. The reverse is also true: we may be well and yet exposed to someone else who is inadvertently spreading the virus. This change to a virtual setting also allows us to be more virtuous, a vital part in reducing the potential spread of the virus.
  • We look forward to when we can again see you in-person, and you can attend events face-to-face safely to move your career, life and business ahead within our powerful community. If you need or want to reach us, please call Alan at 301-365-8999.
    • Thanks for your patience, understanding and past support for our Club.
    • Best regards, Alan N. Schlaifer, President, and Jean-François Orsini, Chairman, on behalf of the Wharton Club of DC

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