The Do's and Don'ts of an Online Pitch: John Niland, Author & Coach

Online selling is not the same as face-to-face selling. Time flows more quickly, it’s easy to lose the attention of your client, and it’s harder to establish trust. In this webinar, we address 5 key issues:

- Some of the common pitfalls, such as opening with “About Us”

- How to engage your client early on, using tailored insight

- Reframing the pitch as a conversation, to gain trust

- Gaining consensus, as a form of trial close

- Wrapping up and action planning

Meet John Niland

John is an Author & Coach, and Founder, Self Worth Academy. He has written what is extremely pertinent now, in the time of the pandemic: Ultimate Guide to Healthy Homeworking. 


  • The Self-Worth Academy is a global network of people who are interested in promoting self-worth as a foundation for life and work. The purpose of the Self-Worth Academy is to encourage a fresh understanding of self-worth in professional and personal life; in education and in leadership. In doing so, we actively connect self-worth professionals with each other to share their gifts and insights.
  • We also want to create a “learning space” for further exploration of self-worth: sharing research and approaches, healthy debate and also a place where new people can come to experience a taste of what self-worth is all about. Self-Worth Safari facilitators range from professionals in leadership development, to education, to professionals working in project management and of course in business-development.


Throughout 18 years of business coaching, I’ve often observed how a person’s relationship with themselves drives their behaviour towards clients, colleagues and peers. For example, when someone goes for an interview (or a first meeting), what is their intention?  Are they trying to impress, or are they trying to explore? Are they interested in making a good impression, or in how they might bring value to the role? Like the proverbial iceberg, self-worth is the 80% below the waterline, driving a multitude of behaviours above the waterline.

Then, in the years 2015-16, I got a personal lesson in self-worth. One after the other, I was hit by a series of personal losses (end of a relationship, project-failure, Brexit and its consequences, the death of my mother), and suddenly I was that person self-preoccupied with the “Who-the-hell-am-I” question. Though I might have intellectually understood the difference between conditional self-esteem and intrinsic self-worth, I found I was certainly not living it.

The Self-Worth Safari grew out of my own struggles and the subsequent discovery that I was not alone. It has turned into the adventure of a lifetime: the realisation that no matter what is happening around me, I can always be a friend to myself. Having piloted this with c. 120 people, we see the power of self-worth to transform careers, sales, confidence as well as a host of personal applications: from self-care to sense of purpose.

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12:00PM - 1:00PM Wed 29 Apr 2020, Eastern timezone

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