• 2020 Wharton DC Innovation Summit - COVID-19: Pivot, Reboot, Rebound 

  • To help you adjust and move forward. Keynotes & other sessions to help you through the crisis and beyond.

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The Wharton Club of DC is proud to announce that this year’s Wharton DC Innovation Summit will focus on the impactful and lasting effects the Novel Coronavirus will have on innovation now and for many years to come

Marla Beck, Co-Founder & CEO, Bluemercury, 12 Noon

  • Specifically, our diverse and accomplished speakers will address how COVID-19 has changed our lives, altered the trajectory of innovation, and presented new possibilities for business disruption.  Many private and public leaders recognize that, post COVID-19, things will not go back to normal. How to adjust to the new abnormal?
    • The pandemic is reworking how we think, function and engage as creators, business and nonprofit leaders and public officials. Speakers will address hallenges and special opportunities at times of black swan events and crises, to innovate and build some of the most dynamic companies and responsive public and academic institutions.
  • They will speak about how their organizations and teams are positioning themselves for future success, and overcoming challenges. Also, their ideas for reopening on a sensible balanced basis, and the types of new opportunities that COVID-19 may be creating.
  • Strategic Partners will include a wide array of top alumni and business groups. 
  • Confirmed keynotes:
    • Marla Beck, Co-Founder & CEO, Bluemercury 
    • Kaihan Krippendorf, Wharton alum; Strategy, Innovation, & Transformation Keynote Speaker; Founder at Outthinker, Author, Driving Innovation from Within
    • David Morey, Wharton alum; consultant & author, Innovating Innovation & The Underdog Advantage
  • Session topics will include these and other relevant topics:
    • Private Funding for Startups
    • Public Funding Options
    • Workforce & Workplace Adaptation to a Pandemic & After
    • The Future of Higher Education
    • Impact of the Pandemic on Healthcare Innovation
    • Innovating for Supply Chain Resilience
  • Record of Success: The 2020 Innovation Summit builds upon five successful past summits, each of which received rave reviews from speakers, attendees and sponsors. Prior Summits cumulatively had over 1,700 attendees representing 350+ companies (from startups to Fortune 500 companies) and other organizations and featured 300+ diverse speakers in nearly 150 sessions. Click HERE to view the URLs and themes for the past 5 Innovation Summits. 

    • Learn more from this Video about the Summit: CLICK HERE!

  • Typical reviews:

    • The Summit is fantastic.  I’ve had a lot of great conversations with individuals here. There are many new perspectives, innovative ideas, and great opportunities to collaborate.  We’ve had numerous informal sessions with much dialogue.” – Ruth Ann Hudson, IBM
    • “What’s exciting about the Summit is that we have entrepreneurs and innovators coming together in the Nation’s Capital, finding ways entrepreneurs and innovators can help the big problems over the next decade.  I’m excited about being here because the talent gathered here can together be part of the solution for our Nation’s ills.”   Aneesh Chopra, first White House Chief Technology Officer
  • Schedule each day, 930 AM - 330 PM - to be posted shortly. Click HERE to more details on this year's schedule. All of this will be posted also, including speaker names and bios at the Summit website.
    • Each day will begin and end with 30 minutes purely for networking in Zoom breakouts
    • Speakers will be taking one-hour slots: 45-50 minutes for discussion and Q&A, followed by 10-15 minutes between sessions for breaks and breakouts
    • Helping nonprofits & people adversely affected by Covid. We're going to contribute part of our proceeds to these nonprofits and other efforts to fight the virus:
      • No Kid Hungry
      • American Red Cross
      • Dr. David Fajgenbaum, Wharton and Penn Med alum, who heads nonprofit dealing with rare diseases, playing vital role in research on drugs that may help save lives from Covid. Past Summit speaker, author of inspirational new book, Chasing My Cure: A Doctor's Race to Turn Hope into Action.

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  • Veterans, Military, Students, Nonprofit Full-Time Employee (Just 29/person for the whole Summit (must name your specific category and organization in "Special Instructions" when you register)
  • Public: Just 49/person for all session access.
    • EVERYONE: Consider, please, if you will, making a contribution, to the Wharton Club of DC, to help support this Summit and other programs. Like most alumni groups, we get no financial support from any university. Thank you.


9:30AM Tue 26 May 2020 - 3:30PM Wed 27 May 2020 ( Timezone: Eastern )

Virtual Event Instructions:

The URL for the virtual 2020 Wharton DC Innovation Summit will be emailed in advance to everyone who has registered for this event.

Look Who's Coming:

Alan Schlaifer, Chairman
  Wharton DC Innovation Summit
Dr. Kristine Copple, Founder & CEO
  Starise Ventures
John Davis, CEO
  SBIR Resource Center
Bikram Bakshi, Entrepreneur, Advisor
Noah Pickus, Associate Provost
  Duke Universithy
Natalia Olson-Urtecho, Chief Innov Off
  The Disruptive Factory
Jerome Barry, Executive Director
  The Embassy Series
Kate Ebner
Dr. Niina Vasan, MD, MBA
  Brainstorm, Stanford Inst. for Mental Health Innovation
Jonathan D. Schlaifer, Esq.
  NSIP Law
Nealey Stapleton, CEO
  On Track
Dr. Ellen Fox
  Fox Consulting
Michael Batt, Mgr., Talent Initiatives
Juhi Naithani, Asst. Dir., Intl Bus
Dr. Jeff Hausfeld, Chairman
Brad Stevens, CEO
Dan Loague
  DC ArchAngels
Ruwan Salgado Program Chair
  Wharton DC Innovation Summit
Justine Schaffner, Strategic Partners
  Wharton DC Innovation Summit
Ilyse Veron
  Veron Ventures
Helen Qubain
Kaihan Krippendorff Outthinker Consulting
Javier Castro, CEO
Jean-Francois Orsini, Chairman
  Wharton Club of DC
Sat Pillai
  Group Entropy
Zach Ness
  Outthinker Consulting
David Morey, CEO
  DMG Global
Lauren Raouf
Brian Park
Randy Reade
  DC ArchAngels
Marya Pickering
  Daniel Morgan Graduate School
Nafeez Amin
  Sherpa Prep
Navin Singh
Max Kirschenbaum
John Blair, Asst. Dir., Natl. Bus.
Mike Malloy
  Halcyon Incubator
Barbara Landes
  Landes Strategy
Steve Ewell
  Consumer Tech Assn. Foundation
Krista Conley
  DynamicCare Health
Amy Armitage
  Capital Investment & Reporting Council
Katya White
  Georgetown University Office of Advancement
Amanda Peters
  MIT SDM and IDM Career Development
Spence Wood, Natl. Business Inv.
Julie Cantor-Weinberg
  Prime Therapeutics
Ashwath Narayan, Co-Founder & CEO
  Culture Media Co
Charles Rowe, CEO
  America's SBDCs
Ravi Puli, Pres., Founder, CEO
  International Solutions Group, Inc.
Manish Malhotra, CEO
Dale Wagner, Dir. of Sales, DC
  Randstad Technologies
Alex Thalacker, Mgr., Bus Inv/Fin
Jatinder Khosla, Mgr., Bus. Inv., Eur.
Jan Mul, Dir., Intl. Bus. Inv.
Ran Farmer, Founding Investor
  3D Herndon
Alisia Genzler, Pres., Chief Client O
  Randstad Technologies
Edward Lewis
  Merrill Lynch
Sarah Eagleburger
  SerQit, Inc
John Taylor
  SerQit, Inc
John Harman
  SerQit, Inc
Lynn Gould
  SerQit, Inc
Rhonda Fanous
  SerQit, Inc
bradford hobbs
  Bizbrand Foundry LLC
Michelangelo Laciura-Foley
Caleb Thomson
Soren Burkhart
  SerQit, Inc - Consultant
Andy Chalonec
  Cost Caddies
Chuck Schilke
  George Washington Univ.
Drew Petrushka, MBA
  Georgetown Univ.
Michael Hansen, Comp. Sci. Chair
  St. Albans School
Ranmali Fonseka
  US Dept. of Transportation
Pravin Fonseka, Grad. Student
  NYU, Computer Science
Anish Fonseka, Student
Ted Eagles
  St. Albans School
Emmannuelle Angarita-Wise
Chatura Perera, Counselor, Polit.c
  Embassy of Sri Lanka
Sumedha Ponnamperuma, Minister, Comm.
  Embassy of Sri Lanka
Bob Magill, Esq., Partner
  Magill & Runsey
Jan Willem van Bergen
  Hampton Estates
Skip Rosoff
Rob Field
  Drexel Law School
Anthony Orlando, Asst. Prof.
  Cal Poly Pomona
Cyndi Lago, VP, Supply Chain
Denise Cohen
Afua Branoah Banful Ph.D, President
  Sound Health Advisory LLC
Victor Hoskins, President & CEO
Alan Brody, Founder & CEO
Erin Fry
William Podd, CEO
  Landmark Capital
Scott Spitzer, Esq.
  Scott Sptizer, LLC
Shea Gregg
  Fall Call Solutions, LLC
Chelsea Rose Kern
  Troupe Beauty, Inc.
Jillian Ouellette
  Troupe Beauty, Inc.
Marc Burel
  Molecular Surface Technologies (MST)
Gordon Donald
  Molecular Surface Technologies (MST)
Tosin Olusola
  Chicago Booth Business School DC Club
Erin Squires
  Chicago Booth Business School DC Club
Harry Matz
Kristine Desmarais
  Compass Realty
Alison Adler
Rochelle Clarke
  Succession Strength
Daniel Handiaz
  Qode Media
Liam Gallagher
Lori Fischler
  Otilo, Inc.
Noga Schechter
Matt Whitaker
Christopher Jones
Sandra Zannino
  Innovative Auto HR
Cassie Blazejeski
  McAdam Financial
Bikram Bakshi
Kimberley Alfonso
  Results One LLC
Elizabeth Chien-Hale
  Agape-1 Technologiy Inc.
Mark Baldino
Wanza Bates
William Rever
robert rosenberg
  S M C
Arlene Marie Lorica, MD
Dan Coffing
Charles Rowe
Neal Gupta
  KiwiTech LLC
Harper Stephens
  SerQit, Inc
Mark Kowalczyk
  5PM Ventures, LLC
Daya Naef
Kaihan Krippendorff
Steve Distante
Karin Arnette
Yvonne Beri
  Plenitude LLC
Suzanne Duvall
... a total of 154 guests.
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