"Live Parlor" Virtual Magic Show with 5 Performers - Free

Please join us for a virtual show on Halloween October 31 at 8 PM ET. Featured global performers include David Morey, John McLaughlin, Eric Henning, Rahaan Jackson, Dr. Krishan Mathur . . . and special guest Ambassador Kabir Khan from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Grab a glass of wine, bring your family, tell your friends, and gather around your computer for a special 40-minute show:

  • It features David Morey, John McLaughlin, Eric Henning, and our close-up performers Rahaan Jackson and Dr. Krishan Mathur . . . along with special guest Ambassador Kabir Khan . . . all the way from Malaysia! 

Washington Magic continues to wish you strength and safety.
Thanks to all who joined our recent June 19th “Live Parlor” show
—we again almost broke the Internet . . . and we appreciate the large number of people who were able to take in a healthy dose of magic.
On the shoulders of over 21 straight sellouts, please mark your calendars for our next “Live Parlor” show on FRIDAY October 31 AT 8 P.M. As we said before:

This is just the time we all need magic—and we’re here to give that to you. Please know that while our stage remains dark, our 216-year-old mansion silent, each day a very special magician ensures that a light remains on to welcome you, our Washington Magic family, back. 

See you on October 31 at 8 p.m. and again, forward to a friend to join our listfor updates and the password to the show.

  • And here's a special message from John McLaughlin, with a speical toast to you, while inviting you to watch this special show: CLICK HERE.

Wishing you all health, hope, and magic, at a time when we really need it!
Team Washington Magic




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