Bryan Wish, CEO BW Missions - Your Path From Expert to Thought Leader: 

  • How to Craft Your Pathway to Belonging.

  • All invited.

Who should attend:

  • Anyone interested in building their own company or personal brand.
  • Businesses that support the DMV community.
  • Q&A to follow

Talk Description:

  • Bryan built BW Missions on the narrative that the best way to fit in is to stand out. Businesses of today and trusted by the leaders behind them, not solely their brand name.
  • Through an inside view of the best practices from our top clients (Top Business Authors, Public CEO's, and Executives — Nir Eyal, Rick Smith, Mona Patel, Luke Cooper, Mindy Diamond, and more. Bryan will guide you through the steps of becoming a thought leader using digital brand strategy, the self-discovery process, and content and audience creation. 
  • Please join Bryan Wish from BW Missions for a virtual, roundtable discussion where we will discuss how to become a thought leader in today's market by building your platform that sustains itself for the long haul.
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Meet the Speaker: 

  • Bryan Wish is CEO, BW Missions:
  • Working with mission-driven entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and CEOs including Nir Eyal (Author Hooked & Indistractable), Rick Smith (CEO Axon/ formerly TASER), Denise Gosnell (Chief Data Officer at DataStax), Dan Berger (Former CEO of Social Tables, acquired by CVENT), Allen Gannett, and many more to develop and execute digital strategies behind book, product, and business launches.
  • Their clients have been represented in Inc., Forbes, TechCrunch, Morning Brew, HBR, and Wired Magazine. Based in Washington D.C., Bryan pursues life with a dedicated resiliency to discover, build, and grow missions that matter.

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11:45 am - 12:00 pm -- Virtual Networking on Zoom Meetings, in virtual breakout rooms, if enough people sign up

12:00 - 1:00 pm Presentation, including shared screen for slides and Q&A

1:00 - 1:15 pm: Further virtual networking  

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