Entrepreneurial Secrets of Surviving the Pandemic: Mary Beall Adler, Award-Winning CEO, Georgetown Bagelry

  • How an Entrepreneur, Author (Who Scooped My Bagel? One woman's story of love, loss & success), Bagel Baker, Creativity Coach & Mother Survived Covid, & Bageled On.

  • All invited.

Key Points:

  • What were the challenges that the speaker faced in early March 2020, as the pandemic spread?
  • What process did she use to deal with these challenges?
  • How did she make decisions and act on them?
  • How did she get input from her team, and how did she deal with them during the crisis?
  • Who provided the most valuable input, and how did she get advice?
  • Where did she find the financial - and human - resources to survive?
  • How can you - and your team - be more creative - and productive?
  • What are the major lessons learned up to now? What is she doing to move forward

Who should attend:

  • Anyone interested in businesses that support the DMV community.
  • Everyone who wants to learn survival lessons that can be applied in their own business now, and in the future
  • Each person who owns - or is a partner - in their own business
  • Those who welcome input from business survivors
  • Q&A to follow
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Meet the Speaker: Mary Beall Adler

  • Mary Beall Adler is the Award-Winning CEO, Georgetown Bagelry, Creativity Coach, & Much More1
  • Thirty years in the bagel business have taught her not only how to bake the best bagels, but also how to build a sustainable brand.
  • She is the author of Who Scooped My Bagel? One Woman's Story of Love, Loss & Success. She says, "Stay calm & bagel on!" Her book tells the story of how she overcame a difficult marriage and financial difficulties, using her survival instinct to find solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.
  • By living an inspired life with an open heart, mind and soul, expressed through action, honesty and unconditional love and joy, my career as an entrepreneur, author and creativity coach has reached great heights. But it’s not over yet!
    Specialties: Partnering in Relationships, Quality Control, Inspiring Excellence, Artisan Bagel Baking

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8:45 am - 9 am -- Virtual Networking on Zoom Meetings, in virtual breakout rooms, if enough people sign up

9-9:45 am Presentation, including shared screen for slides and Q&A

9:45-10 am: Further virtual networking  

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