--2020--12-24-hny-2021adobestock_389927019Vision of 2020 - and a Preview of 2021: Highlights in Video & Text - and Our Wishes for You: A Safe & Happy New Year!

Highlights of Wharton Club of DC activities during the past 15 months. Includes new time calculation: BC = Before Covid; DC = During Covid; and AC = After Covid. Thanks to everyone for your support!!

What a year it has been – like no other.

And we appreciate your being there, receiving our emails, hopefully staying informed and connected. Checking our website.

Click HERE https://video214.com/play/oT0OrWx8ikW30oK7z9sL1Q/s/dark and you’ll be able to see highlights of the past 15 months. And a brief preview of what lies ahead.


We switched from in-person events to only online on Zoom, attended by many hundreds of people in the DC area and beyond. Big advantage: Zoom gives access to speakers from all over the U.S. and abroad. So much Zoom that this year could be called, not the Zombie, but rather “The Zoombie Apocalyse.” 

One example of variety: at our 6th Annual Wharton DC Innovation Summit, theme: “COVID-19: Pivot. Reboot. Rebound.” Topics ranged from the Future of: Work, Healthcare and Higher Education to getting funding from public and private sources.


We were heartened so that many attendees – perhaps including you – enjoyed the stimulation and connection of many events. Three in particular stood out, Signature Events that have become traditions - as the traditions continued DESPITE COVID! 

  • This year’s Summit
  • Our 49th Annual Joseph Wharton Awards, with moving messages from our extraordinary honorees on the barriers they’ve overcome
  • Our 10th Annual Holiday Party

So much that perhaps time has been recalibrated this year:

  • 2020 went from AD or BCE - to just BC – Before Covid
  • 2020 DC – During Covid

We’re hoping that in the not too distant future we’ll switch to “AC” – After Covid!


We promised “treats,” and here are two flashmob performances + one extra:

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  • But there’s one extra benefit: if you provide at least $35, we’ll give you access to the video of this year’s Awards Celebration. In a tough year, you may find the needed inspiration there. And if you want to do - just call us at 301-365-8999 any day, from 9 AM to 8 PM. 

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