Never Pay Retail for College, with top advisor, Beth V. Walker

Learn from top advisor Beth V. Walker how smart parents find the right school for the right price. Discover a comprehensive financial plan to cut your costs in half. All welcome.

  • Virtual Event:  

  • Who should attend:

    • All parents with children who have already applied to college, or who are planning to apply in the next several years.
    • Grandparents with grandchildren whose college education they may be helping to finance. 
    • High school students who have already applied to college or plan to do so in the next few and who want to get the best fit for themselves and the best value. 
    • Current college students and graduates who want to improve the quality of their higher ed experience (and perhaps grad school), at a price they can afford.
    • Q&A to follow
  • Description:

  • These are some of the key questions you may face, made even more critical by the economic disruption of the pandemic on higher education, your career, your business, and your financial resources:
    • Are you worried that you can’t beth-v-walker-headshot-iiafford to send your child to college? Discover a comprehensive financial plan to cut your costs in half.
    • Afraid that rising tuition costs will prevent your child from getting a much-needed education?
    • Do you want a debt-free future for both you and your child?
  • College fiduciary Beth V. Walker is here to help you navigate the complex world of higher education. After spending years solving fiscal challenges for corporate executives and small business owners, Walker became a mom and discovered the insanely high tuition expenses predicted by the College Board’s cost calculator.
  • On a mission to reduce the burden on her own family, Walker consulted admissions counselors, financial aid experts, scholarship gurus, and a group of very determined parents to find a new solution.
  • In Never Pay Retail for College, Walker provides a project management framework for families to find and finance the college experience of their dreams. Using little-known tips, ingenious resources, and some careful planning, you can turn this easy-to-follow guidebook into an incredible 25 to 50 percent off coupon for college.
  • In this webinar and in the copy of Never Pay Retail for College you receive, you’ll discover: -
    • The 12 critical elements required for a successful college plan
    • How both parents and students can minimize debt in the long run
    • How you can become a better informed consumer of higher education
    • How imagining the college funding process like a kitchen remodel can help you come in on time and on budget
    • Why there’s no need for any family to “pay retail” for college, and much, much more!
  • Never Pay Retail for College is your all-in-one resource for stretching the value of your family’s college budget. If you like expert advice, step-by-step strategies, and saving money, then you’ll love Beth V. Walker’s financial guide.
  • Register for this program to learn more tips from Beth, and get a copy of the book to start planning for your brighter future before your choices are limited!
    • Two parts of the program: 
      • 7-7:45 pm: First session, open to all, where Beth covers the basics and takes some questions
      • 745-8:30 pm: Second session, open to only a limited number of attendees, where she'll do a deep dive into a few key topics not covered in the first part

When: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 (at 6:45-8:15 pm)

Where: Online: Zoom. Two parts: General public session from 6:45-7:45 pm, and extra session for limited number of attendees from 7:45-8:30 pm.


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      • Wharton President's Club Members: Comped for the First Session
  • Non-Members: Early Bird - 35/screen first sesson, 65/ screen for both sessions, through March 14; Then 50/80/seat after
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