chef_01"Food for Thought" - and for your body and soul:

Passover dishes, varied Israeli food, Irish stew from O'Donnell's on St. Patrick's Day March 17, Italian cuisine - and even Blood Orange French Toast & Mimosa

With millions more vaccinations every day, and Spring nearly here, here's some "food for thought" - and for your body and soul, and where "the I's have it," from Ireland to Italy to Israel:

  • Tonight: Passover food at 8 pm with a star chef (and owner of 9 restaurants, including Zahav, based in Philly. No, it's not Philly cheesesteak on matzoh! ;-) Much better than that, and free!
    • And the chef, Michael Solomontov, has a Wednesday evening series on Israeli food, Bringing Israel Home - all welcome regardless of ethnicity! CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • Today: if possible, order for tomorrow's St. Patrick's day: The featured dish of the "Meal Deal" at O'Donnell's Market, Potomac Woods Plaza (301-251-5255). The special is Irish stew (with lamb): just 25 for 2-3 servings, 50 for 4-6. Just needs heating and am sure it will be fabulous. Also at this shopping store: a beverage store where you can pick up Guinness.
    • Want more of a flavor of Ireland. Check out the "Great Tour: Ireland and Northern Ireland," on Led by Skidmore's President, Marc Conner, PhD, who's led 30 tours there featuring the cities, villages, churches, art, authors, museums, music, food, pubs, natural sites and much more.
  • How about Italian food? Superb series on CNN Sunday nights at 9 pm ET: Stanley Tucci, the actor and raconteur: "Searching for Italy". Sicily this coming Sunday, but you should catch prior episodes. They featured Naples, Rome, Bologna/Emilia Romagna, Milan and Florence/Tuscany. Abbondanza! (Apparently headed into second season.......). CLICK HERE for more info.
  • Are you a foodie? If so, send me an email, and I'll send you a Martha Stewart recipe for "French Toast with Blood Orange" + Blood Orange Mimosas. Looks - and tastes - fabulous. She recommends Brioche bread, but Challah is very good and easier to find.

Cheers, "Bon Appetit," "Buon Appetito," and "L'Chaim!"


PS: We're looking forward to gourmet meals, wines, and more, when we can be back in person.

  • Meanwhile, we're planning a virtual wine tasting for the first evening of our 7th Annual Wharton DC Innovation Summit in May.


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