2021-03-24-beth-parker-never-pay-retailManaging the College Process to Achieve Brilliant Outcomes, with Beth Walker & other Top Advisors

Learn from top advisor Beth Walker & her colleagues how smart parents (& grandparents) find the right school for the right price. Discover a comprehensive financial plan to cut your costs in half. All welcome. Register early: limited number of places

  • Virtual Event:  

  • Who should attend:

    • All parents with children who have already applied to college, or who are planning to apply in the next several years.
      • Even those with one or more already in college or grad school
    • Grandparents with grandchildren whose college education they may be helping to finance. 
      • And especially to all parents and grandparents who want the best fit - and value - for their children - or grandchildren - that all of them can afford!
    • Q&A to follow
    • This is a repeat of the very popular program we ran in March, 2021. A copy of the book will be sent promptly to everyone who selects the option that includes the book.
  • Description:

  • Today’s college process has morphed into a team sport. 

  • And it's a very expensive game, potentially costing you and your sutdents anywhere from a few thousand - up to $75,000 or more - EACH YEAR - for 4 to 6 years - for EACH student.

  • So, the total could be from $50,000 to $300,000 OR MORE - per student - in after-tax dollars.

  • No wonder, it’s an intensely emotional and increasingly expensive project that requires planning and participation from the student, the parents and experienced outside resources.

  • One of the biggest stumbling blocks families encounter in successfully managing this project is they don’t have a clear idea of the who, what, when or how as it relates to all the moving parts.

  • This presentation is designed to help families reboot their beliefs and assumptions about the college process by understanding today’s landscape, timelines and expectations.  Every family can easily transform overwhelming stress into a healthy, motivating energy that helps both parents and students move toward a brilliant outcome. 

  • The speakers will offer all attendees a solid foundation for understanding the key roles and responsibilities associated with today’s college finding and college funding process – incorporating the twelve critical components outlined in the bookNever Pay Retail for College, and weaving those components into the three foundational pillars:  

    • Academic fit 
    • Personal fit 
    • Financial fit


Part 1: 7:00-7:30 PM ET:

  • Introduction of Speakers and Topic:
  • Problem – College:  Cost, Complexity, Confusion
  • Solution – Project Management Approach
  • 12 critical components from the book
    • Beth’s Infographic
  • Three Pillars approach
    • Academic Fit – Cathy Copeland Titus  
    • Personal Fit – Linda Waters 
    • Financial Fit – Beth V. Walker  
  • Demonstration of the CAP Tool in Action

7:30-7:50 PM ET Q&A with participants (Questions should be submitted when you register to have the best change of being asked. Also better chance of being asked if issues are general and not just for your specific situation.)

BONUS: Everyone who registers will be able to schedule free 30-minute session with one of the three speakers! No obligation to do so, but potentially great opportunity for you.



When: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 (at 7:00-8:00 pm)

Where: Online: Zoom. URL Sent by 10 AM the morning of the program. Only those who register will be admitted to the program. 


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Meet our panel of speakers:

Cathy Copeland Titus, College Admissions Planner

  • Cathy entered the higher education field as founder and CEO of a multi-cathycopelandtitusplatform educational technology company designed to provide university enrollment managers with unique student candidate data. After years of supporting colleges on the yield side of the equation, she exited her company and enrolled in a certification program in admissions at University of California to begin helping students and families find their best college options.
  • Having partnerships with experts in various disciplines, Cathy has consulted for over 25 years in the entrepreneurial start up community, delivering expertise in marketing and product-to-market logistics for the medical device manufacturing field, workforce training, and ISO compliance. 
  •  Cathy is a dedicated professional ready to listen to each student as a unique individual as they find the best path to success. Cathy is a proud lifetime Girl Scout and member of NEACAC, HECA and IECA.

Beth Walker, Certified College Planning Specialistbeth-v-walker-headshot-ii

  • As a scholarship athlete for the women’s volleyball team at the University of Kansas, Beth earned distinction as an Academic All-American. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she went to work for several large corporations including Procter & Gamble, Clorox, and McKesson, moving quickly through the management ranks. 
  • In 1999, she left the corporate world and became a financial planner. She chose this profession because she wants to be a catalyst for abundance and eliminate the scarcity mentality that many people experience around money. By alleviating financial uncertainty in clients’ lives, she allows them to focus on their unique contribution.
  • As a Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS), Beth is trained in the complex strategies suitable for reducing a family’s out-of-pocket college expenses, routinely saving families 25%-50% on the cost of college.
  • She is the author of two books, An Employee’s Guide to Stock Options (McGraw-Hill, 2003) and Never Pay Retail for College (Prussian Press, 2017). Beth has been quoted frequently in the press including in the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, CNN Money, and the Denver Post.
  • Linda Waters
    • Linda is known for her intuitive style and results-oriented approach. lindawatersShe has a passion for helping people develop the confidence they need to successfully step out of their comfort zone, embrace change and achieve success. She is certified to administer world-class assessments tools including the MBTI (Myers-Briggs), and several effective business leadership tools. She has a psychology degree from the University of Vermont.
    • With more than 20 years in the corporate sector, she consults regularly with companies in the areas of organizational development, leadership strategy, brand and product development, and sales strategy. Waters also speaks regularly on the topics of career reinvention, navigating today's job search and entrepreneurship, including her own story about her move from corporate work to starting three successful businesses dedicated to helping others.
    • She is an author and presents regularly on career-related topics for universities such as Northeastern, Stonehill, Babson, University of Vermont, the MASS Conference for Women, Ameriprise Financial, and many other corporations. She is the recipient of an Athena award winner, presented to an individual who is recognized for professional excellence, for providing valuable service to their community and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills. 
    • Linda is the mother of 2 and has “lived the dream” of navigating the college search.

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    • Testimonial from Todd Anderson:
      • "Our kids have loved meeting with Beth, and she has been effective at helping them find out more about their gifts and passions. We are confident that we are in a much better place than before we met her. We give her book and her process a 'two thumbs up.'"



6:45PM - 8:00PM Tue 11 May 2021, Eastern timezone

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