2021 Wharton DC Innovation Summit:

Innovation Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World

  • To help you adjust and move forward. Keynotes & other sessions to help you make progress.

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Continuing a successful track record of delivering six previous highly-rated Summits with the last being virtual, the Wharton Club of DC will host the 2021 Wharton DC Innovation Summit – Innovation Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World online during five weekdays between June 10th and 16th,  - 

  • Then a special BONUS - a Keynote/Fireside Chat, with Gitanjali Rao (TIME Magazine's Kid of the Year), on "Solving the World's Biggest Problems," with Spark Labs' Managing Partner, Brian Park: 5 PM EDT Sharp - that you can watch LIVE (not being recorded). 
  • That BONUS is free for all Summit registrants, and just 15/screen (as many people as you can fit in) for everyone else.
    • Option, for just $29/screen, you can still get ALL Summit session recordings + the BONUS session live.

The Summit will have three sessions each day from about 3:30 to 6:30 PM EDT, consisting of one keynote/keynote panels and two other panels. The Summit will begin with a keynote panel that seeks to define the immediate post-pandemic world, and then each weekday (June 10-11, 14-16) will have more sessions each day focusing on these tracks:

  • June 10: Opening Keynote Panel Overview / Future of Healthcare / Future of the Longevity Economy
  • June 11: Future of Fintech / The Future of Funding
  • June 14: Future of Transportation and Logistics / Future of Infrastructure
  • June 15: Future of Entertainment / Future of Leisure
  • June 16: Future of Sustainability / Future of Circular Economy
  • June 22: Fireside Chat: Gitanjali Rao with Brian Park (noted above)

Networking breakouts will be provided before, during breaks and after sessions.  

  • Optional potential in-person events: the Club organized
    • an outdoor Embassy reception on Saturday, June 12, at the Twin Oaks Estate of Taiwan/TECRO and
    • is looking into another reception soon
  • The Summit is open to the public and has historically attracted entrepreneurs, business professionals and executives from a diverse range of industries and organizations.

2021 Summit Focus:

Businesses, governments and society are still grappling with the “new normal” thrust upon the world by COVID-19. But healthcare, supply chains, real estate, transportation, and infrastructure are already undergoing new shocks and adapting as the world reopens. The workplace, communications, leisure, entertainment and education are continuing their rapid evolution that began when the pandemic struck. 

Fintech, AI, 5G, and other emerging technologies will be leveraged as never before to address the shortcomings exposed by the pandemic, including healthcare quality, affordability and access. Goals such as greater sustainability and a “circular economy” are rising to meet energy, environmental, strategic, social and other challenges. Fundamental changes in the way we live, work, travel and trade will continue to evolve long past the pandemic.  The 2021 Wharton DC Innovation Summit will explore the impact of these key shifts including:

  • How innovators and entrepreneurs are positioning to take advantage of them,
  • How they are getting private and public funding, and
  • What new attributes are required for successful post-pandemic innovation leadership.
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  • Strategic Partners expected to again include a wide array of elite alumni and business groups. 
  • Record of Success: The 2020 Innovation Summit builds upon five successful past summits, each of which received rave reviews from speakers, attendees and sponsors. Prior Summits cumulatively had over 1,800 attendees representing 350+ companies (from startups to Fortune 500 companies) and other organizations and featured 300+ diverse speakers in nearly 150 sessions. Click HERE to view the URLs and themes for the past 5 Innovation Summits. 

Learn more from this Video about the past Summit: CLICK HERE!
  • Typical reviews:

    • The Summit is fantastic.  I’ve had a lot of great conversations with individuals here. There are many new perspectives, innovative ideas, and great opportunities to collaborate.  We’ve had numerous informal sessions with much dialogue.” – Ruth Ann Hudson, IBM
    • “What’s exciting about the Summit is that we have entrepreneurs and innovators coming together in the Nation’s Capital, finding ways entrepreneurs and innovators can help the big problems over the next decade.  I’m excited about being here because the talent gathered here can together be part of the solution for our Nation’s ills.”   Aneesh Chopra, first White House Chief Technology Officer
  • Schedule each day, 4-6 PM - to be posted shortly. Click HERE to more details on last year's schedule. All of this will be posted also, including speaker names and bios at the Summit website.
    • Each day will begin and end with 30 minutes purely for networking in Zoom breakouts
    • Speakers will be taking one-hour slots: 45-50 minutes for discussion and Q&A, followed by 10-15 minutes between sessions for breaks and breakouts
    • Helping nonprofits & people adversely affected by Covid. We're going to contribute part of our proceeds to these nonprofits or other nonprofits we select:
      • No Kid Hungry
      • American Red Cross
      • Dr. David Fajgenbaum, Wharton and Penn Med alum, who heads nonprofit dealing with rare diseases, playing vital role in research on drugs that may help save lives from Covid. Past Summit speaker, author of inspirational new book, Chasing My Cure: A Doctor's Race to Turn Hope into Action.

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The earlier you register, the more free virtual events you get. And everyone who registers gets three months access to all of the sessions' recordings! Thanks to the public-spirited speakers, sponsors and Strategic Partners, these rates are affordable for all.

  • Members: Wharton Club & Strategic Partner Members: Just 29/person for the whole Summit (must name Partner in "Special Instructions" when you register)
  • Veterans, Military, Students, Nonprofit Full-Time Employee (Just 29/person for the whole Summit (must name your specific category and organization in "Special Instructions" when you register)
  • Public: Just 49/person for all session access.
    • EVERYONE: Consider, please, if you will, making a contribution, to the Wharton Club of DC, to help support this Summit and other programs. Like most alumni groups, we get no financial support from any university. Thank you.


4:45PM - 6:00PM Tue 22 Jun 2021, Eastern timezone

Virtual Event Instructions:

The URL for the virtual 2020 Wharton DC Innovation Summit will be emailed in advance to everyone who has registered for this event.

Look Who's Coming:

Alan Schlaifer, Chairman
  Wharton DC Innovation Summit
Alan Brody, CEO
  TECHmarketing, Convean
Stu Solomon, Pres. & CEO
Robert W. Bowcock, Founder
  Integrated Resouce Management, Inc.
Philllip W. Bracken, CMB, Managing Dir.
  VantageScore Solutions
Linda Y. Brewer, President
  T-3 Strategies LLC
Daniel L. Cohen, CEO
  PainScript & Pres., Optimus Healthcare Services
Michael R. Crawford, MBA, Assoc. Dean for
  Strategy, Outreach & Innovation, Howard U College of Med.
Steve Douglas-Craig, Sr. Exec.
  Sony Pictures
John Elkington, Exec. Chairman
  Volans Ventures
Susie Ellis, Co-Founder, Chair, CEO
  Global Wellness Institute & Summit
David Lighton, Founder & CEO
Sean Kidney, CEO
  Climate Bonds Initiative
Eric Lundgren, Founder & CEO
Alex Iams, EVP
  Fairfax County EDA (FCEDA)
Jon Schlaifer, Esq.
  Bayes Law
Alison O'Neil, CEO
  Senior Select Seal
Ruwan Salgado, Program Chair
  Wharton DC Innov. Summit; Strat8gy Intl.
Jean-François Orsini
  Wharton DC Innovation Summit
Justine Schaffner, Strategic Partners
  Wharton DC Innovation Summit
Jim Grapek
  Assoc. Producers; Pavilion
Drew Petrushka
  U.S. Mortgage Insurers
Sat Pillai, CEO
Randall Reade, VP
  DC ArchAngels
Dan Loague, Chair
  DC ArchAngels
Juhi Naithani
  (FCEDA) Fairfax County Econ. Dev. Authority)
John Blair
  (FCEDA) Fairfax County Econ. Dev. Authority)
Kristine Martin Anderson, Exec. V.P.
  Booz Allen Hamilton
Robert L. Longyear, Dig.Health & Innov
  Avenue Healthcare, Wanderly
Melissa King, Director, Office of
  Innovation & Engagement, US Dept. of Transportation
robert rosenberg
Sandy Vasan
Juhi Naithani
Bertram Lloyd
  Lloyd Appraisal Co.
Nafeez Amin
  Sherpa Prep
Liz Finegold
Ron Newcomb, President
  The Forge Studios
Kelly Ng-Feng, Inst. Specialist
  Ohio Lumex
Erik Tobin, Project Mgr.
  Ohio Lumex
Savitha Shan
  BBY - Bright Lights
Adithi Anny
  BBY - Bright Lights
Suebin Choi
  BBY - Bright Lights
Dr. Jeremy Gartner, Founder & CEO
David Morey, Chairman & CEO
  DMG Global
Denis Chazelle, Exec. Director
  French-American Chamber - DC
Brian Barnett, CEO
  The Barnett Co.
Henrik Jeppesen, Head, Inv. Outreach
  Carbon Tracker
Meredith Schlaifer, Esq.
Anthony Levy, CEO
Samantha Mau
  BBY - Bright Lights
Chinmai Sharma, CEO, Americas
Justin Hulse, Co-Founder & COOHulse
  MWM Systems
Alison O'Neil, BSME, ARS, Founder &
  President, Senior Select Seal & Beauty Becomes You Fdn
Dr. Stephen M. Popkin, Dep. Director, Res &
  Innovation, Volpe Natl. Trans. Systems Center
Nigel Smith, Founder & Presiident
  Zurena LLC
Andrew Ting, Esq., General Counsel
  West Creek
Brad Alan Waller, Founder
  The Historical Movement Archive
Jon Warner, CEO & Board Chair
  Silver Moonshots
Isabella Casillas Guzman, Administration
  Small Business Administration
Juliana Cruz, Dir. of Business Dev..
  IGC, Inc.
Joshua Phipps, CIO
Danny Cruz, CEO
  Headway USA
Jason Stern, CEO
  Braddock Communications
Bonnie Stern, VP & Editor
  Braddock Communications
Aliya Hulse, Co-Founder & CEO
  MWM Systems
Kimberley Alfonso
  Results One LLC
Vinod Jain
  Open Towers LLC
Monique Lass
Ranard Champagne
  Harvard University
Charles Sills
  FED/Contracting, LLC
Marya Pickering
  Kenific Group
Lawrence Schaefer
  Schaefer Global Management LLC
Ellen Fox, MD
Marjorie Brown
  Lloyd Appraisal Co.
Mark Joyce
  Xia Analytics
Jeffrey Balkind
  JB Productions, LLC
Françoise Le Gall
Walter Juraszek
  W & L Global Enterprise
Guadelupe Juraszek
  World Bank
John Brown
Caroline Orsini Kolman, MD
  Kaiser Permanente
Betsy Glick, Pub. Affairs Spec.
Dave Johnson, CEO
  Icarus Medical
Dr. Edgar Harrell, CEO
  Harrell Capital Partners
Rajandra Kulkarni, Chief Tech Arch.
  Fidelity Investments
Robert Newman, General
  (Ret.) USAF
Brian Freiburger, Associate
  U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
Marivel Simmons, Associate
  U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
Sonya Moore
Kyle Wiens, CEO
Piyuma Weerasinghe, 3rd Secy.
  Embassy of Sri Lanka
Michael Figueroa, Innov. Prog. Liaison
  US Dept. of Transportation
Charolette Kimberly, Innov. Prog. Liaison
  US Dept. of Transportation
Milton B. Yates, Global Brand Mgr.
  Zurena LLC
Sheila Collins, Sr. Advisor
  AARP Inovation Labs
Marc Daly, Owner
  SoCo BK
Debora Cumberbatch, CEO
  Estate 101 Ltd.
Kirk Holmes, President
  Holmes @ Associates
Alex Rochas, CEO
  The IT Partnership
Brian Park
Mary-Christine Phillip
  US Dept. of Transportation
Kimberly Deare, Innov. Prog. Liaison
  US Dept. of Transportation
Igor Eberstein, CEO
  Eberstein Research and Consulting
Ramesh Gupta
  Ligado Networks
Nitu Gupta Gupta
  GNR Health Management
Van Goodwin
  Van Allen Strategies
Jake Hannigan
  Van Allen Strategies
Namita Duggal
  Van Allen Strategies
Frank Ganis
Jerome Barry, Executive Director
  The Embassy Series
Nina Gafni
Frank Carruba
  NeuroLogix Technologies
Dr. Shantanu Nundy, Chief Med. Officer
Sara Dohl, Chief Comm. Officer
  Indivisible Project
Ranmali Fonseka, Program Analyst
  U.S. Dept. of Transportation
Jun Han, Adjunct Prof.
  Georgetown University
Adam Sandman, Founder & CEO
  Inflectra Corp.
Konstantine Sofer, Managing Partner
  Intelligentum, LLC
Kimberly Hart, Man. & Prog. Analyst
  U.S. Dept. of Transportation
Andy Tucker, Partner
  Nelson Mullins
Natalia Olson, Partner
  The Disruptive Factory
Kathleen Galvin, Vice President
Dr. Hans Mumm, Sr. Intel. Officer
Linda Dohl, Exec. Asst., Pres., CEO
Sean Dennister, Prog. Analyst
  U.S. Dept. of Transportation
Emmanuelle Angarita-Wise, Practice Admin.
  Medical Cosmetic Enhancement
Nithi Vivatrat, Chief Prod. Officer
  Socially Determined
Evan Eckersley, COO
  Icarus Medical LLC
Daniel Chandler, Cybersecurity Expert
  U.S. Dept. of Transportation
K Collinson, Research Fellow
Alexander Thalacker, Business Inv. Mgr.
David Kelley, Dir., Natl Bus. Inv.
Spencer Wood, Bus. Inv. Mgr.
Theresa Rhodes, Mgr., Bus. Research
Alexander Sanchez, Bus. Inv. Mgr.
Dev Malik, Mgr., India Office
Jason Stern
  Braddock Communications
Angela Corrieri
  DC ArchAngels/ Startup Partners Inc.
charolette kimerly
Bill Storie
  The Olderhood Group Ltd
Justine Schaffner
  Campus Consulting
Derek Schaffner
  Foley & Lardner
David Johnson
Hugo Jimenez
  Performix Capital
Judy Kosovich (Odoulamy)
Kevin Alcox
Jason Stern
Jordan Bianchi
Peter Benda
Ilyse Veron
rashid gargash
... a total of 183 guests.
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