"Live Parlor" Virtual Magic Show with 8 Performers - Free

Please join us for a virtual show on Saturday, July 10 @8 PM ET. Featured global performers include David Morey, John McLaughlin, Eric Henning, Rahaan Jackson, Dr. Krishan Mathur . . . and special guest Ambassador Kabir Khan from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Grab a glass of wine, bring your family, tell your friends, and gather around your computer or Smart TV for a special 40-minute show:

  • It features the following:

As always, our virtual media 45-minute show will feature magicians from around the world: 

  • NIKOLA ARKANE: All the way from Belfast, Northern Ireland, see what makes this lady truly magical—and why she graces this month the cover of one of magic’s most prestigious magazines.
  • CHRIS HERREN: Audiences love Chris. And his backstory and award-winning magic will both move and inspire you!
  • JOHN MCLAUGHLIN: The former Acting Director of the CIA, award-winning teacher, and master magician.
  • SAVINO RECINE: He will make you laugh, touch your heart—all the time delivering his own Italian and personal magical charm.
  • DR. KRISHAN MATHUR: He travels the world bringing magic to families, children, and now to you.
  • RAHAAN JACKSON: Our own Washington, DC-based close-up performer extraordinaire.
  • ERIC HENNING: The Wizard of Washington—from the National Theater, the White House, and three Presidential Inaugurals . . . into your homes.
  • DAVID MOREY: Global keynote speaker, best-selling author, professor, strategist—and magician.

Washington Magic continues to wish you strength and safety.
Thanks to all who joined our recent “Live Parlor” show
—we again almost broke the Internet . . . and we appreciate the large number of people who were able to take in a healthy dose of magic.
As we said before:

This is just the time we all need magic—and we’re here to give that to you. Please know that while our stage remains dark, our 216-year-old mansion silent, each day a very special magician ensures that a light remains on to welcome you, our Washington Magic family, back. 

See you on July 9 at 8 p.m. and again, forward to a friend to join our list for updates and the password to the show.

Wishing you all health, hope, and magic, at a time when we really need it!
Team Washington Magic





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