Career Reinvention & Propulsion Workshop

Dr. Jeremy Gartner, CEO & Founder, Career Propulsion Outlines Key Steps You Can Take to Move Your Career & Life Forward. Everyone welcome to this Virtual Workshop!

  • Most job seekers struggle to maximize their potential and land opportunities for the jobs they desire.
  • It’s not because they’re not good at what they do or are not capable of performing at a higher level.
  • It’s because they don’t know how to sell their story,
  • The proof of this? Look all around you. Is it the most qualified person at the top? Probably not.

In this workshop (repeating a very popular Innovation Summit session:

• We’ll explain why landing a job is so difficult,
• We’ll share strategies and tactics so you can re-invent your career and land your next job rapidly
• We’ll discuss how we can re-invent the hiring industry and crowdsource our next job instead of applying online

dr.-jeremy-gartnerDr. Jeremy Gartner
Founder, Career Propulsion
Dr. Jeremy Gartner is the founder of Career Propulsion. He is on a mission to help 100,000 job seekers land their dream job by 2024 by leveraging the power of a community and reinventing the rules of the game. He has submitted 13 patents, obtained a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, conducted research in Particle Physics at CERN in Switzerland, and is currently pursuing his Executive MBA at Wharton. 

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5:00PM - 5:50PM Tue 31 Aug 2021, Eastern timezone

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