Meet Igor J. Eberstein, PhD: "Strategic Leadership in Science & Engineering"

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unnamed--2-Igor has a bachelors in Chemical Engineering (Cooper Union) and a doctorate in  Aeronautical Engineering (Princeton). During his postdoctoral years, Igor studied the greenhouse effect on Venus with Professor Carl Sagan at Harvard-Smithsonian.

He also studied chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, nuclear physics and engineering as an advanced special graduate student at the University of Maryland as well as negotiation techniques with Professor Charles Field and game theory with Nobel Prize winner Thomas Schelling. He also did position paper preparation with Professor Schitz.

Following his postdoctoral work, Igor completed Patent Resources’s Patent Prosecution course. While in academia, he lectured at Princeton and Yale. In 1974, Igor joined NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center as a computer scientist where he worked with ozone data programs and studied the stratospheric effects of volcanic eruptions.

He also worked on supercomputer models of the earth’s atmosphere and oceans and quantum mechanics models of the water molecule. After retiring from NASA in 2012, Igor went on to found Eberstein Research and Consulting in 2016.


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