Linda Brewer, President and Lead Strategist T-3 Strategies: "A Viable Path to Sustainability: Resilience & Reorganization" 2/1

T-3 Strategies LLC, is executive & management advisor with over 25 years experience introducing, customizing, and integrating emerging business practices to large groups of stakeholders. Wharton Club of DC Members invited to this Special BCC Rotary Club Event.  




Linda Y. Brewer is an e1631638512517xecutive, leader, and management advisor with over 25 years of experience in introducing, customizing, and integrating emerging business practices including sustainability and safety into large complex groups of stakeholders. Her experience includes:

  • Strategic organizational decision-making and the redesign of operational and support functions;
  • Global operational change in the areas of Sustainability/Non-Technical Risks, Environmental Social Governance (ESG), and Climate Change; 
  • Global Fortune 500 companies and industries such as Power, Energy, Mining, Chemicals, Construction, Consulting, Government, Communication, and Technology; 
  • Single and multiple clients identifying new strategies to bridge global complex relationships (stakeholder, customer, shareholder, contractor, NGO's); 
  • Consortiums of multiple clients and stakeholders focused on advancing knowledge and application of specialty topics; and
  • Multiple public and private sector stakeholders, aligning on clear implementable paths forward during significant challenge. 

Linda serves on the North Slope Science Initiative’s Science Technology Advisory Panel, US Department of the Interior. She has presented to audiences at Harvard Business School, Slocan Business School, Colorado School of Mines, University of Michigan Business School, and industry and private multi-client conferences. She is the author of multiple articles on Sustainability, Non-Technical Risk, and Organizational Resilience and Regeneration. Linda received her BA in Anthropology from Harvard University.






12:15PM - 1:15PM Tue 1 Feb 2022, Eastern timezone

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