Washington Magic Valentine's Day Show Rerun!









Thanks to thousands around the world who turned into our pre-valentine's day show on February 11. and if you missed the performance, here's a special rerun to watch the show this month - in the comfort of your living room.


Tune into our show featuring:

  • MEADOW PERRY: Creating must-see and breathtakingly beautiful magic out of thin air!
  • JOHN MCLAUGHLIN: The former Acting Director of the CIA, award-winning teacher, and master magician.
  • AMBASSADOR KABIR KHAN: From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Mystic of the East.
  • DR. KRISHAN MATHUR: He travels the world bringing magic to families, children, and now to you.
  • RAHAAN JACKSON: Our own Washington, DC-based close-up performer extraordinaire.
  • ERIC HENNING: The Wizard of Washington—from the National Theater, the White House, and three Presidential Inaugurals . . . into your homes.
  • LARRY HASS: The “Philosopher-Magician,” a magician’s magician. He’s written 15 books, presented at TEDx, and he’s one of magic’s top performers, teachers, and inspirations!
  • DAVID MOREY: Global keynote speaker, best-selling author, professor, strategist—and magician. 








And feel free to forward this special show to your friends and family!

Wishing you good and very safe magic,
Team Washington Magic


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