Top Keynotes, Other Leaders at Wharton DC Innovation Summit on July 14

Learn from CEOs of some of America's fastest growing companies and top angel and venture funders. Connect with other innovators. Have fun. Get the equivalent of a one-day mini MBAcherie-kloss

Do you need more connections, knowledge, funding? And maybe even a little bit of fun?

With global tensions and economic turbulence, the July 14 Wharton DC Innovation Summit can help you move forward. Theme: The 2020s & Beyond: Create & Own Your Future. Learn more here:

Top keynotes include CEOs of some fastest growing companies that have harnessed disruptive technologies, plus top angel and venture investors. Tracks on Funding, Healthcare, Sustainability, Disruptive Technologies. All innovators and entrepreneurs are welcome.

Opening Keynote Panels

  • According to The Economist magazine, Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen’s 20220412-gautam-mukunda--rose-park--0309--square-web- theory of Disruptive Innovation is “the most influential business idea of recent years”.   This opening keynote panel, moderated by Bryan Park, StartupGrind, will explore the concept of Disruptive Innovation with three expert panelists.
  • One is Gautam Mukunda, an internationally recognized expert on leadership and innovation, is the Head of Research at investment firm Rose Park Advisors, co-founded by his mentor, Clayton Christensen. Rose Park focuses on making investments in companies whose strategies are based on harnessing the benefits of Disruptive Innovation.  
  • ankur-dagaThe panel will also feature CEOs of two fast-growing companies, Ankur Daga of Angara and Cherie Kloss of SnapNurse, who will discuss how their companies are revolutionizing their respective industries using emerging technologies: Individually Crafted Fine Jewelry and Healthcare Staffing (rapid onboarding and payment of staff). They will review how they created their disruptive business models, lessons learned and challenges they have faced and overcome.

Midday Keynote: David S. Rose, Founder of New York Angels & author, NYT Best Seller "Angel Investing"

Angel Investing: Behind the Scenes

  • The Future is created by entrepreneurs...and entrepreneurs are typically funded in the early stadavid-roseges of their creations by angel investors. These are high net worth individuals who put their own money into backing startup founders.
  • David S. Rose, one of America's leading early stage angel investors and the founder of Gust, the industry platform that connects investors with startups, will reveal the secrets behind the world of entrepreneurial funding. He will explain how angels can get in on the ground floor of the next Big Thing, and how founders can best position their ventures for investment.

 Closing Cyber General Session Panel

  • Global reliance on digital connectivity has accelerated, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as trends towards more remote work, ecommerce, and online access to services from education to healthcare and entertainment increased sharply.  Also, digitization and digital connectivity rose with the growth of the Internet of Things and became extensively incorporated into nearly every industry, including transportation, finance, and manufacturing.
  • Meanwhile, varied bad actors, both criminal and state-based/sponsored, are developing increasingly sophisticated methods to exploit vulnerabilities in our digital connectivity for financial gain. Their methods include hacking, “phishing” and ransomware attacks to gain access to sensitive information, such as business and personal financial information and intellectual property, or disable critical infrastructure (e.g., financial networks and energy grids).  
  • Thus, cybersecurity has developed critical importance. The need for effective and appropriate cybersecurity solutions has become pervasive for all, such as large and small businesses, governments, entrepreneurs and even individuals.
  • In response, innovation in cybersecurity continues to expand its reach within a wide spectrum of industries, becoming embedded into applications, improving identity management, and producing more effective threat intelligence solutions.
  • This keynote panel discusses the latest developments in cybersecurity; appropriate defensive steps for IT protection; solutions to maintain cybersecurity; and how innovative companies continue to produce tools to protect emerging technologies from exploits of potential vulnerabilities.