Bobbi Jo Hart: Arts-Informed Advocacy: Director/Producer of FANNY: The Right to Rock" 5/2

Bobbi Jo Hart is an arts-informed advocacy consultant & documentary filmmaker. Fanny airs on May 22 on WETA/PBS. Wharton Club members and guests are invited. Wharton Club members and guests are invited.

Bobbi Jo Hart is an bobbibiopic2arts-informed advocacy consultant and documentary filmmaker who has travelled the world for the past 25 years sharing stories that celebrate our shared humanity.  From stories about women's professional tennis to dedicated nurses in Pakistan, her latest award-winning film FANNY: The Right to Rock, airs nationwide on PBS (including DC's WETA on May 22.

The film celebrates the untold story of a 1960s California garage band, co-founded by Filipina-American and bandmates. It morphed into the ferocious rock group Fanny, the first band of women to release an album with a major record label (Warner/Reprise, 1970).

Born and raised in California and currently based in Montreal, Canada, Bobbi Jo holds a BA of International Studies and is studying toward an MA in Education & Society at McGill University. She currently works with MSF/Doctors Without Borders.


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