Managing Your Career Series 2005-06: Session #4 on 4/15

The Rise of the “New Adult” --
How It’s Transforming Careers and Personal Lives and Could Transform Yours
by Getting Your Inner and Outer Lives in Sync
Led by Dr. Douglas LaBier

Day, Date, Time: Saturday, April 15, 2006, 8:15 a.m.-12 Noon

Place: Georgetown McDonough Car Barn, Prospect St. & 36th Sts., NW, Room CBN 204 and reception area

Sponsors: Wharton School Club of DC and Georgetown's McDonough School of Business

…And now, for something completely different!
We have invited Dr. Douglas LaBier, a psychotherapist and business psychologist, to help you balance your “inner” and “outer” lives.
In the Valentine’s Day 2006 issue of The Washington Post Health Section, Dr. LaBier wrote,
“The Inside Out Solution Balancing Home and Work
Won't Bring Peace of Mind, Says a Therapist.
Getting Your Inner and Outer Lives in Sync Just Could.”

With respect to trying to achieve work/life family balance, he suggests, “reframing your challenge from trying to balance work and home to balancing your inner and outer lives will help you deal with all aspects of [your] life – and build [your] overall health and well-being.”

Dr. Douglas LaBier will explain and describe:
--Who the “New Adult” is
--The research and documented cultural shifts that point to its emergence
--How it contrasts with the “Old Adult” way of life and behavior.

He will present:
State-of-the-art knowledge about key developmental challenges facing adults today, including changes in values and life goals that impact both career and personal life; and how these challenges and shifts are giving rise to the New Adult orientation.

Why “work-life balance” is a myth, as it currently understood, in the context of what the emerging New Adult is seeking from work and life; what “inner-outer” balance is, in contrast.

Why the New Adult orientation works by pushing men and women to integrate career success with personal life goals; and to redefine success towards “whole person” success.

Pathways to six interrelated dimensions of personal “evolution,” increasingly undertaken by men and women today, and which reflect themes of the New Adult

Dr. LaBier will focus on how the emerging New Adult orientation impacts men and women today. He will explain how it impels many seek ways to impact society and culture while at the same time serve personal growth and development. Dr. LaBier explains the implications of this trend for your personal life goals and values; for your relationships; and for your career paths.

He will show, for example, how some men and women:
* Identify key value-drivers in their lives and work, including values, which they wish to strengthen or diminish.
* Create new goals in 6 key, interrelated areas of personal development; and how these goals support greater integration between work and personal life
* Design alternative scenarios for their life direction, with a particular focus on new, creative uses of their career, personal, and financial resources.

Dr. Douglas LaBier is a nationally-recognized business psychologist, author, researcher and psychotherapist. A thought-leader in the areas of personal and organizational transformation within contemporary culture, he is the founder and director of the Center for Adult Development, in Washington, DC. ( ) Dr. LaBier brings 30 years of both clinical and organizational experience and insight to the challenge of integrating positive individual development with successful business and career strategies.

Dr. LaBier provides state-of-the-art knowledge and resources in his coaching and consultation programs for senior executives and leadership teams; and in his psychotherapeutic work. He helps men and women address and deal with the mixture of personal and organizational issues and challenges that typically impact senior-level career evolution and leadership development in today's organizations.

Using his unique combination of experiences as a coach to senior executives, consultant to organizational leadership, and psychotherapist, Dr. LaBier helps both individuals and organizations identify and resolve aspects of personal and career history that can impede success and continued development. He helps create solutions to the developmental needs and value conflicts that typically arise for men and women in contemporary culture, and which can negatively affect both the person and the organization.

Dr. LaBier is currently working on a new book about adult growth and transition. It shows how and why men and women in the adult years from about 35 onward are increasingly focused on integrating careers, personal life goals, and service to the human community. It explains why these new pathways are having significant impact upon both individuals and society.

This workshop continues where the Creating Chemistry workshop (2/18/05) ended. However, don’t worry if you missed it.

Be prepared to work in this workshop. The end product will be worth your while - as will be the early wakeup for this Saturday session, for this is indeed a wakeup call to balance your “inner” and “outer” parts of your life to create harmony.
Everyone who attends these programs is motivated to take needed action and interact with other attendees.

Invitation to Wharton and Georgetown Alumni and Public

The public is invited to attend this important career workshop. It is especially aimed at executives and professionals with at least a few years of work experience. You do not need to be a Wharton or Georgetown student or alum, or full-time student, or have an MBA to attend or benefit from this program.

This is the continuation of our popular career workshop series, now in its third year, which is the result of a partnership between the Wharton School Club of DC and Georgetown's McDonough School of Business. This series of seminars focuses on career management options and opportunities, and the changes you and other business executives and professionals may face as a result of our challenging domestic and global economy.

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Please join us for this stimulating and beneficial program on Saturday, April 15, 2006 at Georgetown University’s Car Barn Building, Room CBN 204 at 8:15am. Following registration and the informal networking breakfast, the seminar will begin promptly at 9.00 am and conclude at noon. All attendees are invited to continue networking over lunch at The Tombs restaurant across the street from The Car Barn building.


--8:15 – 9:00 am: Participant and Leader Networking; Light Breakfast; Registration

--9:00 – 9:15 am: Announcements and Timed Attendee Introductions: --name, background, what working at now, and a transition issue currently faced, statement of objectives

--9:15 – 9:20 am: Introduction of Dr. Douglas LaBier

--9:20 - 10:30 am Part I

--10:30 – 10:40 am: Short break

--10:40 – 11:50 am: Part II

--11:50 – 12:00 Noon: Summary; Wrap-Up and Evaluation

Registration: 3/13 – 4/14
-- Wharton Club members, Georgetown McDonough MBAs and Alumni, full-time Wharton, SAIS and MBA students:Early Bird: $25 thru 4/1, $35 until 5 pm on 4/14 For all others: $35 thru 4/01, $45 until 5 pm on 4/14

--After that and for walk-ins: on a space-available basis, for $49 (regardless of affiliation).

Registration fee includes seminar and light Continental breakfast. If you have any questions or problems registering, please call 301-365-8999.

Sign up early while space is available and for lower prices.
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Parking: Nearby and free at Georgetown's garage, enter off M Street / Canal Road (or left onto Canal Road from Key Bridge): Pass the Exxon station. Then take the first right by the large Hoya Saxa sign and flashing yellow light up into area with new garage. Parking on Saturdays is free. (If you reach the right up to Foxhall Road, you've gone too far and need to turn around). See this link for directions: Link to map for free parking at Georgetown University garage.

Another parking option is metered on-street parking if you have trouble finding the garage.