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“Wharton DC is absolutely the best group I belong to, hands down. I’ve met business partners and developed personal friendships here. No other group tops that!”

- Heinan Landa, WG’91

President, Optimal Networks, Inc.

“You cannot beat the Wharton Club of Washington DC for its unsurpassed level of informative, interesting, productive, and networking events. This is evident when other clubs and associations want to partner with The Club and when many non-Wharton folks are attending its events. President Alan Schlaifer, the staff and volunteers are a valuable regional resource and membership is an extreme bargain.”

- Rod Azama, WG’84

The Chancellor Group

Very positive experience. Having participated in the activities of Wharton clubs in other regions, I can say unequivocally that this is the most energetic, proactive and well-organized Wharton club I've come across. Kudos to you and the rest of the board for the excellent job you're doing to bring alums in the area together.

- Neil Herrington, WG

“It was through the Wharton Club network and the people I met as a member of the Club organization that I found a great job. The Club has a fantastic network.”

- Larry Larkin, WG’92

“I expanded my business through contacts I made at the Wharton Club of DC. It’s giving me the financial freedom I always wanted. Thank you, Wharton DC.”

- Katherine Novikov, W’88

CEO, Diamond Mind, Inc.

“With membership in the Wharton School Club of Washington, I hardly need to belong to any other club. The networking is high level, and the events are first class. The Wharton Club cherry picks the best events of the other clubs and offers then to Wharton Club members at the other clubs’ members’ price. It is a true ‘Club of Clubs.’”

- Jean-Francois Orsini, WG’72, Ph.D.’84

President, Pin-Stripe.com

“The Wharton Club has given me crucial visibility that I can use at this stage of a successful career and to help me to take it to the next level. In addition, I get to personally meet some of the most successful members of our great community.”

- Marshall S. Chawla, WG’73

CFP(R), MBA, Branch Manager

Linsco/Private Ledger Member NASD/SIPC

“The Wharton Club of Washington leverages the investment you made in your Wharton education by providing great career growth, plus social and educational benefits to members. Don’t leave home without it!”

- Mark Johnson, WG’86

Director, Product Management

“I can honestly say that my involvement in the Wharton Club of DC and the Wharton Leads Council has been instrumental in my rapid and successful transition from a position as President of a medical device company in Northern Virginia to a Partner in a financial services company. Through this influential network, I have exponentially increased my business contacts and potential client base. It has also been a personal satisfaction to be able to help other members of the Wharton Club with lead opportunities which they were seeking.”

- Wade Tetsuka, W’85

“I was part of the vibrant and dedicated team that created the past two conferences and allowed me to meet public and private leaders including: Kent Kresa, Chairman Emeritus of Northrop Grumman, Former Governor James Gilmore and the Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Thad Allen.”

- Steve Lebischak, WG’02

“The Wharton Club offers a great network of the area’s business leaders and opportunities to contribute to the area’s alumni’s career growth. My involvement has delivered both great career opportunities and a means to contribute to other alumni’s potential.”

- Jon Schoonmaker, W’76

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