7th Annual Wharton DC Innovation Summit Reinvented to Help Businesses Move Forward

Highlights include Great Speakers, Timely Topics, Great Prices & Prizes: Keynote Panel, 14 other sessions on key topics, Career Propulsion Workshop, Live Comedy, Magic, Embassy Receptions, Prizes & Networking. Sign up now for lowest rates & bonuses!

  • Virtual Event for Sessions/In-Person Embassy Events:  


  •  "We recognize that businesses and their leaders still face challenges, even as the economy recovers from the pandemic. To help them survive and grow, we are again holding our annual Wharton DC Innovation Summit," says Alan Schlaifer, Summit Chairman.

"To connect and inspire innovators of all ages and diverse backgrounds who seek guidance as we recover from the pandemic," says Ruwan Salgado, Program Chair, "we have reinvented this year's Summit in many ways."

  • "The title itself, 'Innovation Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World,' is new, evolving as we always do to examine trends, challenges and opportunities," Salgado says. "This year, our sessions dealing with diverse areas of some of the biggest change, issues, and movement, from healthcare and the longevity economy to funding, fintech, infrastructure and sustainability."

Because of continuing concerns about Covid-19, this year's program is again online. All are welcome to attend, regardless of gender, age, location, or schools attended. They are encouraged to attend live sessions, to learn more and take part in networking breakouts.

Summit Chair Alan Schlaifer says, "These are a few ways we have reinvented the Summit to make it stimulating and fun:

  • A career enhancement and advancement workshop. It features a keynote from someone who has overcome many hurdles and has a mission of helping others do likewise.
  • Surprises – fun prizes – you can share with friends if you win. The more time you spend at the Summit, the better your chance to win!"
  • Attend live if you can. Watch recordings of any sessions you miss.

·      Starting top-level Keynote Panel on Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 3:30 PM EDT, will give attendees an overview of the vital trends. They will share what they foresee as needed in innovation leadership in the public and private sectors as we move ahead. Speakers include:

o   Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman, who will provide a national overview of trends and opportunities, and

o   Stu Solomon, CEO, ConnectedDMV, with the regional perspective from D.C., Maryland and Virginia, a great model for other regions

  • Adding fun to the calendar, and to overcome Zoom fatigue:
    • A magic show with Wharton alum David Morey at the end of one Summit day, to add the magic of innovation to what attendees do in their work and life.
    • Top comedian, Scott Wyler, who's entertained people around the world on Princess cruises. His "well-grounded" humor does not leave anyone at sea, and you can watch from your home port.
  • In-Person Embassy Receptions: the first with Taiwan/TECRO, on Saturday, June 12, outdoors, then another one for anyone who can't be accommodated on June 12.
  • A special speaker to share with your innovative kids or grandkids, and to inspire them: Oue keynote from the amazing 15-year old, Gitanjali Rao, TIMEmagazine's "Kid of the Year" 2020, will spark the creativity and inventiveness of all, from single-digit ages on up.

Salgado says, "We believe that attendees have an unbeatable package. They can attend as few or as many of the sessions as they want online, and access others through recordings. If watching live, they can network during breakouts." 

He adds, "Add in the new features, such as the career workshop, and it's an unbeatable value for as little as $29/person."


Contact Alan Schlaifer, Innovation Summit Chairman: 301-365-8999, or email: anschlaifer@whartondc.com

Where: Online on Zoom:

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