2022 JJBirthday Cast Party

Cast Party for James Joyce Birthday Celebration: Everybody is welcome to the cast party tomorrow, Thursday February 3 from 2 to 4 PM EST.
































The Zoom link to attend the Cast Party


Readings/Program: We will do readings from readers who influenced and were influenced by James Joyce.  Other activities will include contests with prizes as set out in the program at  JJBDay2022CastParty where the script of passages from Jonson, Flaubert, Ibsen, Faulkner, Burgess and Pnychon is posted.

Party Activities

  1. Raffle for copy of Ulysses: A Reader's Odyssey

  2. Reading of Ben Jonson passages by Bob Kolodney

  3. Reading of Flaubert passages by Marilyn Wong Gleysteen

  4. Reading of Ibsen passages (including extract from review by 18-year-old James Joyce) by Gail Lelyveld and Bob Kolodney

  5. Reading of Faulkner passages by Eleanor Heginbotham

  6. Reading of Burgess passages by Bob Kolodney

  7. Reading of Pynchon passages by Bob Kolodney

  8. Reading or playing of any other passages, recordings or videos that anyone would like to share

  9. Joyce/Ireland trivia contest to be attempted using Zoom chat function

  10. Joke-telling contest to be attempted

  11. Two songs to be chosen and sung by Daniel Sachs

  12. Musical recordings chosen by Marilyn Wong Gleysteen

  13. Any other songs that anyone else would like to sing (a cappella, with musical instrument or with karaoke accompaniment,)

  14. Any group singing that anyone would like to do

  15. Any other pleasurable activity that anyone would like to initiate that does not cause any pain or inconvenience to others

  16. Awarding of prizes to outstanding James Joyce Birthday Celebration readers

  17. Awarding of prizes to trivia and joke-telling contest winners

  18. Viewing of Japanese Olympic Fireworks so as to be able to compare them to upcoming Chinese Olympic Fireworks.


When: Tuesday, February 3, 2022 (at 3 pm)

Where: Online: Zoom



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3:00PM - 4:00PM Thu 3 Feb 2022, Eastern timezone

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